Pay what you want (or not at all!) for guitar and bass impulses: MF_Kab 3.0!

Version 3 of MF_Kab (previously MFK Impulses) sounds GREAT!

Every mic and position are phase coherent, so you can literally use ALL of these 35 impulses at the same time, and they will be in phase!

Tech Specs:

The Rivera K212 guitar cabinet houses two Celestion V30 speakers. I mic’d it with a Shure SM57, an sE X1, and an MTS MT85. The cab was driven by a solid state amp, so no power amp coloration! This means the impulses are very modeler friendly.

The Fender Frontman 60B is an old solid state bass amp that I like for it’s dirty sound. I mic’d it in a couple positions with the sE X1 and the SM57.

My methodology in both cases was simple: Find all the good sounds in all the different position types and distances!

The download contains 44.1 Khz and 48.0 Khz versions of the impulses, both of them 24 bit .WAV format.

Pay what you want:

Take it for free, or give me a donation to help me make more and better impulses!

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Download link:

MF_Kab 3.0


  • Phase corrected ALL the impulses, so they can all be used together and still be perfectly in phase! This is a huge deal, as it allows you to combine mics however you want, and it won’t sound thinner! I used the SM57 Cap Close impulse as the starting point, and made everything match that, as that’s the mic that gets the closest to the speaker in time.
  • Added a “correction” impulse. This is basically a very complex and specific impulse that will correct Celestion V30 speakers in all contexts. Whether you’re applying it to my guitar cab impulses, other third party v30 impulses, real recorded guitars using v30 speakers, or even literally playing through it before the signal hits the cabinet (if you have an impulse response loader unit, or if you use an Axe FX or Line 6 Helix through a real V30 cab). As long as it’s after the distortion/overdrive part of the chain, it will work!